Our Story

From the Ground(s) Up

Modern Grind was born when founder, Daphnie Kelly, a coffee lover who was raised on a farm in Washington State, had the vision to open a coffee shop with high-quality, appealing flavors and clean beverages that are sourced locally in appreciation of local businesses and small business owners. 


Giving Back To The Community

Considering her home state is one of the coffee capitals in the world, a taste for the exceptional wasn’t Daphnie’s only vision as she also has a passion for supporting the community and healthy living.


A former elementary school teacher, Daphnie has always possessed an overarching desire to support youth, teachers, first responders, and military heroes and she can do this by offering special discounts and fundraising opportunities to these groups. 


These are only a few of the reasons Daphnie knew she would shake up the coffee game by opening the very first Modern Grind location in the Valley of the Sun!

Our Mission

It is our pledge to make a lasting difference within the community by providing delicious, high-quality, innovative products that are delivered through exquisite customer service. We look forward to engaging with the surrounding community, supporting local businesses, and providing employment opportunities as well as developing the growth of our incredible baristas with high expectations for quality products and service.

Meet MG Founder

Daphnie is married to her best friend, Bryan, and they have two kids. She is a football mom through and through as her son has been playing since he was five years old. Bryan and Daphnie love country dancing, singing, exercising, healthy living, and a variety of recreational activities with their kids. 


Daphnie is passionate about helping within the community, especially when it involves schools, as she has always had a strong desire to positively impact kids and young adults. She looks forward to helping community members, students, sports teams, and her baristas reach their long-term goals through fundraising opportunities, service and management training, customer service development, and Modern Grind’s contributions to the community.


Thanks to years of drive, ambition, willpower, and, most importantly, support from friends and family, the opening of Modern Grind’s first store is a dream come true.

mgc 1

Meaning Behind MG Logo

As Daphnie met with her Graphic Designer, Taylor, to develop the logo for Modern Grind, Taylor tried to get a feel for what Daphnie and Modern Grind were all about. Taylor learned that the root of Daphnie comes from growing up on a farm and living in the country. He also learned that she loves helping others, working hard and country dancing with her husband any chance she can get.


After a few meetings (all of which she was wearing boots) he had tasked Daphnie to send some architectural drawings and styles of buildings she was after. The minute he saw the sleek modern design, he tied in her farm girl roots and came up with the awesome ‘m’ logo that symbolizes a cattle brand, and so began Modern Grind.

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