Hey there, coffee lovers and community supporters!

I'm Daphnie, the proud owner of Modern Grind, and I’ve always believed that our coffee shop should be as much about brewing community spirit as it is about brewing the perfect cup. Here’s how we’re pouring our heart into giving back, one cup at a time:


Sharing the Love with Monthly Donations

Each month, we set aside up to 5% of our earnings to fuel community projects and initiatives. This approach lets us contribute in a meaningful way, ensuring we’re always in a position to give back, even when times are tight.

Brewing Support

Our ability to donate directly links to how well our coffee shop is doing. It's simple: the better we do, the more we can give back. So, every sip you take supports not just your caffeine needs but also our community initiatives!

The Form Our Support Takes

We love to support through gift cards - it’s our way of inviting you to enjoy what we do best. For special events or fundraisers, we might mix things up and donate cash or some cool merchandise. Got an eye on one of our unique t-shirts or tumblers? They might just be part of our next donation.

How to Stir Up Support

Got a cause that’s close to your heart? Hit us up through our website with all the details: what you’re all about, your contact info, and how you think we can help. Every bit of info helps us make sure we can support you in the best way possible.


A Cup of Thanks

We love it when our support gets a shoutout on social media - it’s like spreading the warmth of a good coffee. Plus, when you swing by to pick up a gift card, it’s a chance for a little face-to-face thank you – a moment we always cherish.

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