A Shot of Support: Fundraising Opportunities

Let’s Brew Something Bigger Together

Beyond our monthly donations, we’re excited to offer you two unique fundraising opportunities for your cause, club, school or sports team.

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Our Drive-Thru Fundraiser

Imagine this: your organization gets 10% of the sales we make together on a day you choose. It’s a chance for us to help each other out in a big way.

Planning Your Fundraiser

To make the most of it, let’s start planning at least two months ahead. This gives us both enough time to get the word out and make sure your fundraiser is a hit. Customers can join in by showing a promo flyer, a social media shoutout, or a special code when they order.

Picking the Perfect Day

Select the day and time that works best for your fundraiser, and we'll coordinate to ensure it slots perfectly into our calendar, avoiding those super busy periods and holidays for maximum impact. We ask that you also harness the power of your network—rally your members and spread the word. Encouraging your community to come out in support will truly amplify the success of the event. Together, let's create a buzz and make your fundraiser a roaring success.

Our Coffee Sales Fundraiser

Imagine this: your organization receives a hefty kick back of all sales made when selling our coffee, tea, botanical and other fun drink related products.

Initiate and Plan

Begin your fundraising journey with Modern Grind to support causes like schools, charities, sports teams, and more. Start planning at least two months in advance to ensure we can maximize outreach and impact together. Our offerings include premium coffee, tea, and related products at competitive prices, ensuring your supporters are eager for your next event.

Select and Schedule

Choose an optimal date that fits both our schedules and avoids busy times and holidays for the best turnout. Leverage your networks by using promo flyers, social media shoutouts, or special codes to spread the word. With our quality products and significant kickback to your program, your supporters will be motivated to make your fundraiser a recurring success.

Who We Love to Support

Our heart at Modern Grind beats strongest for our community, especially when it involves kids, young adults and their schools and extracurricular activities/teams.

We’re all about backing those who’ve been there for us - our loyal customers and anyone ready to help spread the word. It’s all about building a community that supports each other.

Thanks for thinking of Modern Grind for your cause. Together, we’re not just sharing great coffee; we’re building a legacy of community support and love, one cup at a time. Let’s make a difference together!

Check out these resources to get you started:


One of our 12oz. bags of delicious specialty coffee will make approximately 33 cups, depending on how strong someone likes their coffee.

Zelle or Venmo payments will be made out to your organization, as participants will be collecting cash/checks at the time of the sale.

Log in to your organization’s account on our website and place your order. You can contact your Modern Grind Fundraising Agent with any questions.

Your organization will receive an invoice within two business days from receipt of the order. Our goal is to provide you with a quick turnaround!

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