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Modern Grind Coffee Fundraiser

Raise money for your organization with our fun & easy fundraising program!

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Are you looking to raise money for your school, church, charity, PTO, club, sports team, nonprofit or any other cause? We have a deep-seeded desire to help others here at Modern Grind, and we are excited to offer a unique fundraising opportunity for your organization.

Modern Grind is a unique fundraiser that offers exquisite coffee, tea and botanical products with competitive pricing to your supporters! These high quality beverages will have your supporters urging you to hold more fundraisers, so they can continue to enjoy the products.

Why Choose Modern Grind?

Freshly Roasted High Quality Products

No Startup Fees

40% of Profits Go To Your Organization

Personal Modern Grind Fundraising Agent

Full Color Flyers and Envelopes


Fundraising is an essential part of many organizations. Organizations that come to Modern Grind for a unique fundraising opportunity find our program easy and convenient for the coordinators, participants and its supporters. Finally, a fundraiser that you’ll truly enjoy!

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How Do We Get Started?

Schedule a Representative

To present the fundraiser to your participants and deliver the sales brochures to you.

Kick off Your Fundraiser With Excitement

We suggest running your fundraiser for approximately two weeks.

Collect All Orders & Payments

At the end of your fundraiser collect all the orders and payments from your sales team.

Place Your Order

Send your order and payment to Modern Grind. Your organization keeps the profit.

Receive Your Order Promptly

Your order will be roasted and delivered within 1 week of placing your order!


Schedule a Representative Now!

Excellent Representatives

Modern Grind provides you with excellent representatives with exquisite customer service skills.

Amazing Products

We pride ourselves in providing freshly roasted specialty coffee along with other amazing products!

Fast Turnaround

Our turnaround time for delivering your order is exceptional! 1 week maximum and you’ll have your order in hand!

No Minimum Orders

From large to small, we work with all sizes of organizations!

No Upfront Cost

You order your products once you’ve collected the funds from your participants.

We Distribute to You

We distribute your items right to your organization for easy distribution to your participants!

Easy Storage

Our products can be stored at room temperature. No need to worry about frozen goods or candles that will melt in your car!

We work with all types of organizations, with a special interest in helping schools to raise funds for new curriculum, extra-curricular activities, technology, and other programs. As a former teacher, the owner of Modern Grind Daphnie Kelly, has a compelling drive to help our teacher population obtain all tools necessary to teach our Arizona youth in the most effective, fun and productive manner!

Tips For a Widely Successful Fundraiser

The most important factor for running a successful fundraiser is to have engaged and excited participants. We want to encourage participation through fun and motivating tactics to produce the best fundraiser your organization has ever run

  • Set a timeframe for your fundraiser (recommended two weeks)
  • Set team or individual goals
  • Run a fundraiser blitz as a team or group
  • Award prizes to top sellers

A coffee fundraiser is one of the best fundraising opportunities around considering 64% of Americans are drinking coffee every day! We work with a local roaster who seeks out the most delicious beans in the world and roasts them to perfection! The coffee will practically sell itself!

Other great offerings include our delicious teas & botanicals. Botanicals are all the rave these days. They have no caffeine or sugar, and therefore are perfect for athletes, kids, pregnant women, elderly people and anyone who needs to hydrate!!

Modern Grind consistently seeks feedback to improve and streamline its fundraising program to make this the most user friendly, successful, fun and most profitable fundraiser possible! Are you ready to exceed your goals?

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Most frequent questions and answers

How many cups of coffee does a 12oz. bag make?

One of our 12oz. bags of delicious specialty coffee will make approximately 33 cups, depending on how strong someone likes their coffee.

Who are checks made out to?

Checks will be made out to your organization, as participants will be collecting cash/checks at the time of the sale.

How do i place my order?

Log in to your organization’s account on our website and place your order. You can contact your Modern Grind Fundraising Agent with any questions.

when will i receive an invoice for the products?

Your organization will receive an invoice within two business days from receipt of order. Our goal is to provide you with a quick turn-around!