Coffee Fundraiser

Are you looking to raise money for your school, church, charity, PTO, club, sports team, nonprofit, or any other cause? We have a deep-seeded desire to help others here at Modern Grind, and we are excited to offer a unique fundraising opportunity for your organization.

Modern Grind is a unique fundraiser that offers exquisite coffee, tea, and botanical products with competitive pricing to your supporters! These high-quality beverages will have your supporters urging you to hold more fundraisers, so they can continue to enjoy the products.

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One of our 12oz. bags of delicious specialty coffee will make approximately 33 cups, depending on how strong someone likes their coffee.

Checks will be made out to your organization, as participants will be collecting cash/checks at the time of the sale.

Log in to your organization’s account on our website and place your order. You can contact your Modern Grind Fundraising Agent with any questions.

Your organization will receive an invoice within two business days from receipt of the order. Our goal is to provide you with a quick turnaround!

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