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JOB POSITION: Fundraiser Coordinator/Sales Representative

Salary / Pay:

Generous commission; 6%-10% of profits earned on each fundraiser. Profits vary based on the size of the organization running the fundraiser, the participation level of organization members, and the number of fundraisers booked each month. 


Fundraising coordinators will generate leads within their communities. Some travel will be required to pick up/deliver products.

Job Description:

Modern Grind is looking for honest, professional, genuine, fun/upbeat, fundraising coordinators to act as a liaison and guide organization leaders through the fundraising process! We value charities, sports teams, schools, churches, PTO’s, clubs, police, fire, military, and nonprofits. We look to hire those who enjoy supporting their community, and those who have already developed relationships with these community members. 

Assisting these community based organizations in reaching their fundraising goals can be incredibly rewarding and can provide a nice supplemental income or replace your salary. It’s up to you! 

Applicants must have a reliable means of transportation, a cell phone, and a winning mindset!


Applicants will be responsible to provide organization leaders with the details of how the fundraiser works and act as a liaison as its running. Applicants will introduce and answer questions regarding fundraisers to sellers. They’ll sort and deliver the products. Our goal is to help as many organizations to financial success as possible. We want to highlight their goals, and the difference their organization makes in the community! This can be from a youth sports team, to a non-profit organization raising awareness about a cause they are passionate about. Posting organization’s goals, progress and success on social media, can greatly boost sales for that organization and is highly encouraged.


This position is currently commission based, however, Modern Grind is looking to grow rapidly over the next few years and will have many full and part time positions available. There’s room for growth! 

Fundraiser coordinators will build lasting relationships and develop a strong community base. They can book as many fundraisers as desired, with that said, fundraiser coordinators must ensure they’re available to provide the best customer service to each organization throughout the entire fundraising process.

Job Category: Fundraiser Coordinator
Job Type: Freelance

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